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Creative Beer Can Lables Printing

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Beer Can Labels

Canadians love to drink beer as it is part of their culture and tradition. It is the reason that beer is the most consumed beverage compared to other alcoholic drinks in Canada.  And we are the best beer can label printing company to provide the high quality labels to outsmart the massive competition in the beer market.  Our expert team print innovative beer can label to stand out on the shelves.

Why We Are The Best Beer Can Label Printing Company In Canada?

Our unique Jetrion digital press and laser-cut technology offer the most colorful and attractive beer can label.  Hence, we are the leading beer can label printing company in Canada situated at Burnaby, BC, among other reasons.

  • We make attractive beer can labels that can grab the attention of the customers instantly.
  • We offer the freedom of designing to our customers with no restrictions but with help to do more using their creativity with All labels File Guidelines & Wind Direction.

Our unique Jetrion technology uses full CMYK plus white UV inks for easy “file to print” with no need for printing plates to reduce turnaround times and freedom for our customers.

The Benefits of Using Labels For Beer Cans

The global beer market size is to reach 727.5 from 623.2 billion dollars from 2020 to 2026.  Beer cans are in use for packaging beer since 1935, and it is still the stylish way of drinking beer anywhere, anytime.   It is because of its many benefits that include.

  • Only the labels can lure the customers into buying the beer cans in the highly competitive beer market.
  • The labels will not give a consistent look but also bring down the packaging costs.
  • They have all the information that the customers want to know if the beer quality and brewers’ story and others for buying it more.
  • They fulfill all the regulatory compliances as they have all the details of the ingredients and others.
  • With the rapid growth of printing technology, labels are now the game changers in marketing beer cans to decide on success or failure.


How Can We Design Beer Can Label?

A new beer that can hit the market has to do a lot more to convince the customer to buy it.  After drinking the beer, the customer may know its quality, but they need an attractive beer can label to try it. Hence, designing the beer can label one of the essential things to lure customers into trying it. It should convey the brewer and beer quality and be good enough to kindle the customer’s interest.  Hence the following ways will help to design the beer can label.


  • Think outside the can to be creative for fantastic and innovative designing
  • Check out the beer’s brand personality to design for showing it to the customers
  • Decide on the right colour, typography, shape, size, style, imagery, words, and others for a dazzling design


We offer the freedom for flexible design with no restrictions to have all the benefits of beer cans to skyrocket sales and increase profit.



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